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In the Childrens Natural Environment Assessment Practice our core belief is to acknowledge the rights of a child and support families on their path to education.

We have designed our practice based on our experience and feedback from parents throughout our careers. We offer a personal approach and follow up service for parents so that they feel supported and acknowledged throughout the assessment process. 

While attending the practice for assessments or therapies, we provide support from the time you first enquire. We endeavour to provide support for children and their families in any way we possibly can. We provide a high level of support, before and after assessments while you are attending the practice.

Parent Feedback 

Once your child’s Multidisciplinary Assessment is complete, it is at this point that you will be given some verbal feedback regarding your child’s development. 

A meeting will be scheduled in the weeks following where you will receive a full draft report of your child’s assessment findings. This will include feedback from all professionals involved in your child’s assessment process such as the Speech and Language Therapist or Occupational Therapist and/or BCBA.

Follow-Up Meeting with Senior Psychologist 

At this meeting you will have an opportunity to reflect on your child’s assessment process and findings. The Senior Psychologist will explain the report in detail and you can offer feedback as parents and caregivers. You will also get feedback from either of our Speech and Language Therapist or Occupational Therapist at this point. 

Post Assessment Review Meeting 

When your report has been finalised and you are fully confident in its findings, you will be asked to attend a Post Assessment Review Meeting. During this meeting members of our multidisciplinary team will meet with parents/caregivers to present the report. The report will be read through again in detail and will bring parents through all the practicalities of receiving a diagnosis. Parents will be supported in all areas such as:

  • – Applying for financial supports
  • – Home Tuition Grant/ Educational Supports
  • – Sourcing a home tutor 
  • – Support in obtaining pre-school placements and school placements
  • – Most appropriate therapies to start with and a clear care pathway. 

Access to our Parent Liaison Officer

Parents will also have access to our CNEAP Parent Liaison Support Officer, Jackie. 

Our Parent Liaison Officer provides parents with any further support and aftercare they may need. Jackie will offer practical support and will be available to answer any questions, no matter how big or small.

CNEAP Parents Handbook

 Parents will also be provided with our CNEAP Parents Handbook. This handbook provides parents with any information they may need to support their children following on from assessments. Any further information required can be directed to Jackie, our CNEAP Parent Liaison Officer.